Selection of F.4 Subject

In order to help F.3 students become better prepared and to select subjects that are suitable to them, our School is going to organise a series of activities to provide the following relevant information:

  • Introduction to various elective subjects
  • Principles for assigning elective subjects
  • The New Secondary School (NSS) Curriculum framework in our School
  • University entrance requirements
  • Further education and career prospects


Date Activity Details Information for Download
6/12/2017 University entrance requirements
  • Understanding the NSS Curriculum
  • Understanding the relationship between subject combinations and university admission requirements


1/3/2018 Career Planning Workshop
  • Helping students to understand themselves with the use of Holland Model
  • Helping students to set goals in further studies or career pursuits
18/3/2018 Evening with Parents
  • Introducing subjects combinations as well as the procedures and principles in assigning students to different subjects
  • Discussing the educational reforms and the NSS
  • Introducing the procedures in subjects selection and the relevant considerations
  • Introducing the NSS subject combinations and the principles in assigning students to different subjects
  • Explaining the university entrance requirements
  • Explaining the further studies and career opportunities for NSS graduates
21/3/2018 The NSS curriculum framework in our School

Introducing the NSS curriculum: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies

18/4/2018 BBS's sharing session on subject selection(I)

BBS share their experiences in subject selection and learning


24/4/2018 to 26/4/2018
2 - 4/5/2018
Elective Subjects: Information Sharing Session(II)

Introducing the NSS elective subjects

May 2018 F.4 Elective Subjects Option Survey Distributing and collecting NSS Curriculum Survey: F.4 Elective Subjects Option Survey  
June 2018 Staff Meeting Formulation of S4 subject combinations based on subject selection survey  
July 2018 Subject streaming Subjects selection forms Distribution and collection  
Late July 2018 Release of subjects selection results F.4 class allocation results will be announced in the middle of summer holiday  
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