Green campus

Zero carbon aquaponic system

The Science and Ecological Learning Centre was permanently closed from September 2013 as the land was reclaimed by the government for housing construction. Parents, students and teachers regretted the closure of the park. The school subsequently obtained support from the HK Electric Clean Energy Fund to set up a solar-powered aquaponic system on the campus.

The aquaponic system is installed in a greenhouse built from discarded plastic water bottles. The installation showcases how the concept of zero carbon emission can be utilized in the agriculture of edible fish and plants to inspire ideas of sustainable development in students and parents.

Green living environmentally-friendly greenhouse

  • The green living environmentally-friendly greenhouse is supported by the HK Electric Clean Energy Fund.
  • The project is co-organized with the Council for Sustainable Development.
  • Approximately 5000 plastic bottles were needed to build the external wall of the greenhouse. With the help of students, parents and partnering organizations in plastic bottle collection, the purposes of recycling, waste reduction and low-carbon living were achieved through the project.
  • The greenhouse is powered mainly by solar energy. Solar panels were installed on the rooftop of the school to generate clean, low-carbon electricity for irrigation, lighting, ventilation, water pumping and gas pumping in the greenhouse. The use of renewable energy and the advocacy of low-carbon, low-emission green living is part of the school’s efforts to promote sustainable development.

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  Low-carbon irrigation system

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