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A.        Subject Information

Mathematics is essential in the school curriculum of Hong Kong, as it is:
  1. a powerful means for developing various abilities in a technology-oriented and information-rich society;
  2. a powerful means of communication;
  3. a tool for studying other disciplines;
  4. an intellectual endeavour and a mode of thinking; and
  5. a discipline, through which students can develop their ability to appreciate the beauty of nature, manage uncertainty and make sound judgements.
Mathematics education also plays an active role in STEM education, and supports the learning of other subjects. It contributes significantly to the whole-person development of students in primary and secondary schools, prepares them for multiple pathways to post-secondary education and future careers, and hence plays an important role in the Hong Kong school curriculum.


Our aims include providing co-curricular activities, emphasising daily life application and strengthening linkages between syllabuses, so as to enrich students' learning experience, enabling students of varying abilities to have multi-faceted development through the diverse projects of the Excellent Credit Programme, projects including Mathematics competitions, reading reports, project learning, model making, STEM assignments, etc. Conducting timely reviews on the effectiveness of the programme, with an aim to enable students to broaden knowledge via various means and also motivating students to take part in a multitude of gifted education activities and competitions to draw on more learning opportunities, whereby cultivating a learning atmosphere of self-regulated learning and pursuit of academic excellence.

With Interest, Confidence, Engagement (I.C.E) as a guiding principle, the teachers can design high-quality lessons, lifting student participation in class.

(*): I: Interest Students are interested in learning
  C: Confidence Students are confident about learning
  E: Engagement Students take the initiative to learn and pursue knowledge

Major Concern


(1)  Planning the syllabus from a comprehensive perspective, and shaping an effective learning environment

Optimizing junior and senior syllabuses according to the revised Mathematics curriculum of the Education Bureau, while fitting in with the school-based curriculum

Formulating school-based STEM Mathematics curriculum

Enhancing the arrangements for the school-based senior secondary Mathematics curriculum and the Mathematics Module 2 curriculum

Leveraging innovative technologies to improve the effectiveness of teaching senior secondary Mathematics

Improving school-based student counselling and fostering measures to support learning diversity

Taking advantage of assessment tools to boost the effectiveness of learning and teaching Mathematics

(2)  Enriching students' learning experience, and heightening their learning interest and sense of achievement

Improving lesson designs by integrating the ICE (*) elements

Enhancing co-curricular activities by embedding the ICE elements

(3)  Enhancing professional development of the teachers

Enhancing the training of new teachers, passing on the fine tradition in Mathematics teaching

Crafting an environment conducive to the exchange and communication among teachers


B.        Subject Features


2020 - 2021: F1-F3 Mathematics Competition
2020 - 2021: Mathematics Week
2020 - 2021: Mathematics Trail

2018 - 2019: F1 Mathematics Competition
2018 - 2019: Mathematics Week

2017 - 2018: F1 Mathematics Competition
2017 - 2018: Mathematics Challenge Station
2017 - 2018: Mathematics Week

C.        Others

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