Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

New Senior Secondary Curricula

1.      New Senior Secondary Curricula 

In line with the recommendations of the Education Bureau, our New Senior Secondary subjects will comprise

(i)        Core subjects : Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, and Liberal Studies,

(ii)       Elective subjects ( Including M2 and non HKDSE curriculum)

(iii)      Other Learning Experiences.

For the component of elective subjects, students will choose2 or 3 subjects (2X or  3X) out of the 11 NSS subjects offered in this school. We deliberately design a very dynamic course framework to realize the greatest possible subjects combination for students to choose according to their individual aptitudes and aspirations. In the “Other Learning Experiences” curricular framework, in-lesson and off-lesson program and activities will be organized to deliver quality and relevant learning experiences to our students, gearing towards the ultimate objective of their optimum all-round attainments, in the aspects of cultural, moral and civic education, physical and aesthetic development, and in career-related experiences.

1. NSS Subject Distribution(Link:Schedule of F.4 Subjects streaming



HKDSE Subject Chinese Language
English Language
Liberal Studies
Form Teachers' Period/Moral Ed.
Elective HKDSE Subject  1  Elective(X)
 2  Elective(X)
 3  Elective(X)
OLE Cultural and Art
OLE Moral, Civic and National Ed., Social Service, Career Ed., Leadership Training, and etc.

* Students may choose 2 to 3 HKDSE elective subjects.

* OLE: Other Learning Experience

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