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A.        Subject Information

History is a discipline of enquiry and analysis.  Studying history engages students in an active learning process of asking meaningful questions about the past, collecting and analysing sources, and drawing conclusions supported by evidence.  Thus, the study of history helps students understand the human world by exploring into its origins in the past.  Furthermore, in order to make sense of current affairs, it is also important to study the past as everything which is happening around us has been influenced by, or is a result of, the things that preceded it.
To enable students to acquire knowledge and develop understanding of the basic historical concepts, such as cause and effect, change and continuity, similarity and difference;
To enhance students’ historical skills to differentiate between facts and opinions and detect bias, unstated assumptions and unwarranted claims and to present logical and coherent arguments supported by rational selection of historical data;
To help students to understand that historical conclusions are liable to reassessment and to respect and tolerate different opinions expressed.
Curriculum structure
  • S1     The ancient world (From pre-historic period to the 14th century): The birth and interactions of regional civilisations
    • Topic 1: Human Needs: Past and Present
    • Topic 2: The Development of European Civilisation
    • Topic 3: The Rise of Islamic Civilisation and cultural interactions between Europe and Asia in medieval times
    • Topic 4: History, culture and heritage of early Hong Kong region
  • S2     The modern world (From 15th to 19th centuries): The growth and expansion of the West
    • Topic 5: The Rise of modern Europe
    • Topic 6: European colonial expansion
    • Topic 7: The founding and development of the United States
    • Topic 8: Growth and development of Hong Kong up to the late 19th century
  • S3     The contemporary world (From the 20th century to the present): Moving towards a multi-polar and interdependent world
    • Topic 9: International conflicts and crises in the 20th century (I) – The two World Wars
    • Topic 10: International conflicts and crises in the 20th century (II) – the Cold War and the Post-Cold War period
    • Topic 11: International cooperation since the 20th century
    • Topic 12: The growth and transformation of Hong Kong in the 20th century
  • S4 – S6 The Making of the Modern World
    • Theme A Modernisation and Transformation in Twentieth-Century Asia
      • Modernisation and transformation of Hong Kong
      • Modernisation and transformation of China
      • Modernisation and transformation of Japan and Southeast Asia
    • Theme B Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century World
      • Major conflicts and the quest for peace
      • The quest for cooperation and prosperity

B.        Subject Features

  • Hong Kong Secondary School Model United Nations Conference (2018, 2019)
  • Hong Kong News-Expo Jockey Club Media Literacy Education Programme (2019)

C.        Others

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