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A.        Subject Information

The Junior Science (S1-3) curriculum provides science-related learning experiences that develop students’ interest in science and lay a foundation for their studies of various science curricula at the senior secondary level. It also focuses on the development of scientific literacy for living in and contributing towards a scientific and technological world.
The broad aims of the Science (S1-3) curriculum are to enable students to:
  • develop curiosity and interest in science;
  • acquire fundamental scientific knowledge and skills, and appreciate the relationship between science and other disciplines;
  • develop the ability to make a scientific investigation and solve problems;
  • use the language of science to communicate science-related ideas;
  • develop a basic understanding of the nature of science;
  • develop the ability to integrate and apply scientific knowledge and skills with other related disciplines;
  • recognize the social, ethical, economic, environmental, and technological implications of science, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship and a commitment to promote personal and community health;
  • be prepared for further studies in STEM-related disciplines and
  • become lifelong learners in science for personal development.
Curriculum structure
Junior Science was designed to have a spiral and learners-centered curriculum. The topics are repeatedly revisited and re-engaged along the three years of junior level to consolidate their prior knowledge. Simultaneously, the curriculum is constantly being refined and adjusted according to the students’ feedback and performance to ensure the learning experience is suitable for different students.

B.        Subject Features

Experiential learning is a focus of the subject. Thus diverse co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities are frequently organized during lessons and after-school. For instance, science competitions, visits, field studies, workshops, science-day, etc.
Student Achievements
Our students achieved exceptional results in different competitions and campaigns annually. Our students have performed outstandingly in activities such as HKASME Science Ability Test, Fun Science Competition held by HK Science Museum, HK New Generation Cultural Association STEM Competition, Hong Kong Student Science Competition, and HKIJSO, etc.
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
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