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A.        Subject Information

Biology Curriculum is a range of balanced learning experiences so that students develop the necessary scientific knowledge and understanding, skills and processes, and values and attitudes embedded in the "Life and Living" strand and other strands of science education. These are necessary for personal development to enable students to contribute to a scientific and technological world. The curriculum will prepare students for their tertiary studies, vocational training, and careers in various fields of life science.
The emergence of a highly competitive and integrated economy, advanced scientific and technological innovations, and a growing knowledge base will continue to have a profound impact on our lives. To meet the challenges posed by these changes, the Biology Curriculum, like other science electives,    provides a platform for developing scientific literacy and building up essential scientific knowledge and skills for life-long learning. Through the learning of biology, students will acquire relevant procedural and conceptual knowledge to help them understand many contemporary issues. They will become aware of the interconnections between science, technology, society, and the environment. In addition, students will develop a respect for the living world, an attitude of responsible citizenship, and a commitment to promote personal and community health.
This subject is to provide learning experiences through which students will acquire or develop the necessary biological knowledge and understanding, scientific process skills, values, and attitudes, for their personal development, for coping with a dynamically changing society, and for contributing towards a scientific and technological world.
  1. For their personal development, students will be able to enquire, think and reason scientifically and creatively.
  2. For coping with a changing society, students will be able to develop an interest in, and enjoyment of, the study of the living world to prepare themselves to become life-long learners in the related fields of science and technology.
  3. For contributing towards a scientific and technological world, students will be able to develop an attitude of contributory responsibility, including a strong sense of commitment to conserve, protect and maintain the quality of all environments for future generations
  4. To fulfill the needs of STEM talents, students will be able to practice their STEM-related abilities during the study of this subject through different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
Curriculum structure
Please refer to the Biology Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 - 6) (HKEDB) for the principle of design of the HKDSE Biology Curriculum.
The teaching and learning strategies and materials are constantly under review and being refined by the teachers to cater to the needs and diversity of the students.

B.        Subject Features

The subject offers diverse extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to the students. Some activities to highlight, including Molecular and Synthetic Biology Research Team (MSBRT), International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, STEAM@SoyBean Project, Amgen Biotechnology Experience (ABE) Program, Joint School Synthetic Biology Training Camp, etc.
Students are encouraged to join the activities and programs according to their interest in a different area of Biological Science.
Oversea Study Tour
Visits and Field Trips
Student Achievements
The biology students participated in different external competitions and activities and achieved extraordinary results. The MSBRT students join the Hong Kong Joint School iGEM Research Team (HKJSS) and obtained Bronze Award in the iGEM competition 2018, and Gold Award in the iGEM competition 2019. Our students also developed the Bean DNA marker teaching kit for STEAM@SoyBean Project.
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