New Senior Secondary Curricula

1.      New Senior Secondary Curricula 

In line with the recommendations of the Education Bureau, our New Senior Secondary subjects will comprise

(i)        Core subjects : Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, and Liberal Studies,

(ii)       Elective subjects ( Including M2 and non HKDSE curriculum)

(iii)      Other Learning Experiences.

For the component of elective subjects, students will choose2 or 3 subjects (2X or  3X) out of the 11 NSS subjects offered in this school. We deliberately design a very dynamic course framework to realize the greatest possible subjects combination for students to choose according to their individual aptitudes and aspirations. In the “Other Learning Experiences” curricular framework, in-lesson and off-lesson program and activities will be organized to deliver quality and relevant learning experiences to our students, gearing towards the ultimate objective of their optimum all-round attainments, in the aspects of cultural, moral and civic education, physical and aesthetic development, and in career-related experiences.

1. NSS Subject Distribution(Link:Schedule of F.4 Subjects streaming



HKDSE Subject Chinese Language
English Language
Liberal Studies
Form Teachers' Period/Moral Ed.
Elective HKDSE Subject  1  Elective(X)
 2  Elective(X)
 3  Elective(X)
OLE Cultural and Art
OLE Moral, Civic and National Ed., Social Service, Career Ed., Leadership Training, and etc.

* Students may choose 2 to 3 HKDSE elective subjects.

* OLE: Other Learning Experience

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