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32th Graduation Ceremony (2020)2020-06-27 (Saturday)32th Graduation Ceremony (2020)
Turnip cake making for the elderly2020-01-19 (Sunday)Turnip cake making for the elderly
Chinese New Year narcissus growing class2020-01-06 (Monday)Chinese New Year narcissus growing class
S1 Service Learning –Seeding and Fertilizing2019-12-20 (Friday)S1 Service Learning –Seeding and Fertilizing
Play day 2019-20202019-12-20 (Friday)Play day 2019-2020
Outstanding School Librarian Award2019-12-19 (Thursday)Outstanding School Librarian Award
Library Annual Christmas party2019-12-19 (Thursday)Library Annual Christmas party
BBS Activity2019-12-13 (Friday)BBS Activity
Library Open Day2019-12-07 (Saturday)Library Open Day
2019 - 2020 Open Day2019-12-07 (Saturday)2019 - 2020 Open Day
Sharing by Mr Francis Mak Yun Sau2019-11-29 (Friday)Sharing by Mr Francis Mak Yun Sau
6A 6D Assembly--Sharing by School Supervisor Mr Tin Hing Sin2019-11-21 (Thursday)6A 6D Assembly--Sharing by School Supervisor Mr Tin Hing Sin
Vertical Farming for Beautifying Campus2019-11-20 (Wednesday)Vertical Farming for Beautifying Campus
PTA Annual General Meeting2019-11-03 (Sunday)PTA Annual General Meeting
Pot pudding class2019-10-31 (Thursday)Pot pudding class
S1 Service Learning- Making Paper Goldfish2019-10-31 (Thursday)S1 Service Learning- Making Paper Goldfish
Halloween2019-10-31 (Thursday)Halloween
S2 Inter-class Competition2019-10-31 (Thursday)S2 Inter-class Competition
International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition2019-10-31 To 11-04International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition
ECAC school club day2019-10-30 (Wednesday)ECAC school club day
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