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The Moral, Civic and National Education Committee (MCNEC) consists of 3 components: morality cultivation, civic education, and national education. Values relevant to these components are illustrated through various platforms to foster the development of students into responsible citizens.


Care, respect and empathy are main values cultivated through MCNEC’s work. Through MCNEC’s activities, students are expected to recognize, become aware of and fulfill their civic role and responsibilities as individuals and as members of families, schools, communities, societies, countries, and the world.  

Department Features


Service Learning Scheme


  • Organic integration of and collaboration between service, departments, and subject-based learning 
  • Enhance students' care of the community, establish their relevant sense of identity, and enable them to serve and give back to the community through experiential learning and deep understanding followed by action taking  
  • Promote the core values of caring for the elderly and harmony between older and younger generations, to highlight the importance of care, respect and empathy


S1-S3 Service Learning Scheme: Shan King people and Care




Theme: Caring for the community

Theme: Caring for the environment

Theme: Caring for the society

Students obtained an understanding of the school's history and the school founder's rationale of serving Shan King Village. Through this understanding, students would be able to carry on the school founder's commitment to serve. They would be able to serve the community and express their well wishes to the elderly in the community.

Students acquired concepts of environmental protection, which enabled them to gradually establish green habits and lifestyles for sustainability. 

Students acquired knowledge on Hong Kong's ageing population and how the expanding silver-age market would imapct their career planning. Care of the elderly is fostered through examining the elderly's quality of life and the government's role and policies in elderly care.

Extension: ECAC's Elderly Institute provides aspiring students with opportunities for volunteer services and volunteer teaching in mainland China.

Concept of S3 Service Learning Scheme: 

Students' participation:

Students preparing for the dissemination Students showing the poster in the dissemination

Infographics developed by students to illustrate their elderly-friendly design: Nutritious meal machine Students sharing in the dissemination

Students received an award as recognition during the dissemination

Student Achievements

Sunny Ambassadors

Sunny Ambassadors are S2-S5 students who interview individuals with positive values during Good Morning Sunshine and Sharing by the Sunny Characters. These interviews enable teachers and students to understand how relevant values can be applied in practice to build a positive school atmosphere.

Sunny Ambassadors have interviewed the individuals below and motivated teachers and students with the following quotes of the interviewees:

Sharing by Dr. Li Chi Hoi Sharing by Mr. Tse King

Sunny Ambassadors interviewed various individuals during Sharing by the Sunny Characters to spread positive values such as perseverance and care. Some of the Sunny Characters are the school's alumni, whose sharing about secondary school life resonated with students.

Alumnus Mr. Wong Shung Kin, Alex, one of the founders of DUSTY KID, shared the difficulties and happiness of starting his business with S4 students. Alumnus Dr. Winnie Wong, currently teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared tips on continued learning with S5 students.
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