Biology students received Gold Award in the 2019 International Genetically Engineered Machine.

2016 - 2019

The school has been successfully enrolled to be one of the five member schools in the ‘Quality Schools in Hong Kong’ Project of the Hong Kong Institute of Education Research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Maintenance of the English as the Medium of Instruction policy.


Participation in the Professional Development Programme for School Leaders and Middle Managers and Establishment of Online Knowledge Management Platform organized by the Center for Education Policy and School Development.


External School Review by the Education Bureau and the Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) of the Institute of Educational Research, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


25 Anniversary


To officially apply to the Education Bureau for the conversion to a full EMI School.


New Senior Secondary System officially launched, offering a variety of elective subjects, including those on cultural arts and personal growth.Received the Gold Award from the Council for Sustainable Development in the Sustainable Development School Award Programme.


Organized a series of seminars and professional exchange sessions on teaching and bridging the primary/secondary curricula, fine-tuned the curricula of the major subjects of junior forms, refined the curriculum plan for the New Senior Secondary System.


20th School Anniversary: The year of ‘Grow Within, Build Around’; application to the Education Bureau for the conversion to a full EMI School internally approved.


External School Reviewby the Education Bureau completed, upholding the School's ethos of pursuit of excellence and theeducation philosophy of ‘Grow Within, Build Around’


Received the ‘Outstanding Dissertation Award’ from the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, teacher representatives presented at the National Moral Education Seminar.


Conferred by the Education Bureau the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence.


Participated in the District Teachers' Professional Sharing Plan of the Education Bureau, where we introduced to all the secondary schools in Hong Kong our Chinese Higher-Order Thinking Skills Programme and the English Bridging Programme for students promoted to senior forms, etc.


Invited by the Education Department to participate in the Schools' Professional Collaboration Project, sharing our school development experience with all the primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.


The only recipient of the Outstanding School Award for outstanding performance in the domain of Support for Students and School Ethos.


Named an Effective School by the Education Department; commented as “a continually evolving school amid an open, participative and diverse culture” in a school effectiveness study conducted by the Faculty of Education of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Proactively participated in the Quality Assurance Full Inspection Programme of the Education Bureau, received high commendation.

Enrol for the 2017 Academic Year

  1. Discretionary Places (No. of places: 38)

    Application Period: 1-13/1/2018

    All applicants will be granted an interview opportunity, results of Discretionary Places and Central Allocation will be released at the same time on 11 July, 2018 by the Education Bureau.

  2. Central Allocation (No. of places: 82, 10% of which are for unrestricted school choices)

    Application Period: 4/2018

    Parents should fill in the Secondary One Choice of Schools Form issued by the Education Bureau; results of Central Allocation will be released on 11 July, 2018.

  3. Stand-by Discretionary Places after Central Allocation 

    These remaining places are open for application after the results of Central Allocation are released from 11 July 2018 (9am) to 14 July 2018 (4pm) .

    At the discretion of the School, applicants may be required to take part in individual or group interviews or written tests.

    Registration Procedures:

    Please bring along the following to the School for registration from 11 July 2018 (9am) to 14 July 2018 (4pm):

    • the completed application form;
    • a copy of and the original HKID card of the applicant;
    • copies and the original P5 and P6 school report cards;
    • a copy of and the original SSPA card; and
    • awards, prizes, and certificates or records of extra-curricular activities.

Important Dates

10/12/2017(Saturday afternoon) Seminars: ‘Secondary School Discretionary Places Allocation System’ and ‘Changes in Secondary School Academic Structure’, all parents of P6 students are welcome;
1/4/2018(Saturday morning) Seminars: ‘Medium of Instruction’ and ‘Secondary School Places Central Allocation System’, all parents of P6 students are welcome;
4/2018 Submission of the completed Secondary One Choice of Schools Form;
11/7/2018(Tuesday) Release of Secondary School Places Allocation results;
13-14/7/2018 (Thursday & Friday) Registration of new students
11-15/7/2018 (Tuesday to Saturday) Application for stand-by discretionary places, uniform tests and interviews;
18/7/2018(Thursday) S1 placement test.


The School welcomes enrolment applications for S2/S3:

Commencement of school term: 2 September, 2019

Application Period: Beginning of June – Middle of July 2019 (only limited places available)


Subjects for S1 - S3 

EMI: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science (S1 – S2), Physics (S3), Chemistry (S3), Biology (S3), Computer Literacy, General Studies (S1 – S2, including Economics, History and Geography Units), Economics & Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (S3), History (S3), Geography (S3)
CMI:  Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music, Home Economics, General Studies (S1 – S2, including Moral, Civic & National Education and Personal Development)


Subjects and MOI for NSS (S4 - 6)


EMI: English Language, Mathematics (Including M1 & M2), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Geography, Economics, History, Information & Communication Technology
CMI:  Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Liberal Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Culture & Arts, Moral and Civic Education & Personal Development, Careers Education


Enquiries:2464 3731 (Ms. Choi) or email:

School Address:Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun


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Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
2464 3731
2464 3243
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