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Established in 2002, the Parent-Teacher Association of Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School serves as a bridge between parents and the school. It fosters parent-school collaboration by providing parents with increased opportunities to participate in the school's activities.


Mission of the Parent-Teacher Association:

  1. To ensure parents' rights to be involved in, informed of and appeal about school management relevant to their children's receipt of quality education services;
  2. To promote establishment of partnership and communication channels between parents and the school;
  3. To foster parents’ uptake of responsibilities and obligations commensurate with their rights, including provision of education to their children, care and attention for their children's learning and development, support of the school's activities and work, and proper parenting; and
  4. To elect a Parent Manager involved in Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School's administration and management.

Department Features


The Parent-Teacher Association organizes a wide range of activities on a regular basis in addition to the annual general meeting. These activities include classes, seminars or workshops, gatherings, and hobby groups (including cooking, floral arrangement, handicraft, and leather craft) for parents. Other activities, such as movie screening events and parent-children trips, are organized to promote parent-children relationship. These activities are open to all parents, including Permanent Parent Committee Members.
An annual newsletter for parents is published to provide information on activities organized by the Parent-Teacher Association, activities for students in each secondary grade, and students' achievements in each school year.
The Parent-Teacher Association also assists the school in overseeing the snack shop and tender procedures to ensure operations are adherent to protocols, fair and impartial.

Standing Committee Members

Parent Members:

  • Ms. Wu Xiang Zhi (President)
  • Ms. Lee Ka Man (Vice President)
  • Ms. Wong Yuk Hung (Secretary)
  • Ms. Law Happy (Treasurer)
  • Ms. Fung Siu Chui, Law Wai Lam (Recreation Secretary)
  • Ms. Tang  Qi Ting(General Affairs Secretary)
  • Ms. Yuan Yan Ling (Member)

Teacher Members:

  • Mr. Li Chi Hoi (Vice President)
  • Mr. Yeung Siu Ting (Secretary)
  • Ms.  Yung Yuk Tsz(Treasurer)
  • Ms. Yiu Man Yee (Recreation Secretary)
  • Ms. Leung Siu Fong (Recreation Secretary)
  • Ms.Tong Kong Lan (General Affairs Secretary)

Parent Manager: Ms. Leung Siu Ping

Clerk: Ms. Maggie Tang


Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
Shan King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
2464 3731
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