The aim of education is to enable each student to attain all-round development according to his/her own attributes. To achieve this, students should be provided with suitable assistance and guidance in accordance with their abilities and learning needs, so that they can develop their potential to the full.

Each student is a unique individual, different in cognitive and affective development, social maturity, ability, motivation, aspiration, learning styles, needs, interests and potential. Apart from this, there are other factors underlying student differences. These include innate differences in intelligence, differences in social and economic background, variations in past learning experiences, and perhaps variations in the level of congruence between the learner and the curriculum. In view of these factors, catering for individual differences is intended neither to narrow the gap between individuals nor to even out their abilities and performance. It should aim for understanding why students are able or unable to learn well and finding appropriate ways to help them learn better.

We have the conviction that all students can learn. To address the needs of students, we try to provide them with a variety of learning opportunities for effective learning, such as using diversified resources rather than focusing only on textbooks, and making use of a spectrum of intelligences and multi-sensory experiences to tap the different potential of students. We try to adopt different modes of assessment to find out the strengths and weaknesses of students before deciding on the appropriate curriculum, and learning and teaching strategies for them.

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