The school-based curriculum will be optimized continuously in all key learning areas, with teaching efficiency and students’ learning and performance being taken into consideration. Small group teaching and streaming policy may be adopted in certain subjects, which encourages peer collaboration among students and enhances support in learning. The school is committed to cater learning diversity among students. The school provides resources to nourish the development of capable students and provide adequate support for students with learning difficulties, while also facilitating students’ development of multiple intelligences. The school implements a school-based, pull-out curriculum in gifted education. We value all-rounded development of students and are dedicated to creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. Efforts are made into cultivating positive learning attitudes in students and supporting professional development of teachers, thus enhancing the quality of classroom teaching.           



  1. Optimize curriculum content, teaching strategies, examination and assessment methodologies as well as administrative practices to increase the efficiency of teaching and enhance academic requirements on students.
  2. Enhance professional collaboration among teachers and train student elite teams to facilitate the building of learning communities among teachers and students.
  3. Combine external education research with school-based self-evaluation data to build relevant mechanisms and culture in school refinement based on the “Planning-Implementing-Evaluation” model. 
  4. Enhance coordination and communication, facilitate mutual trust, tolerance and collaboration among teams, and propagate the school’s fine culture.


Work Highlights

  1. Optimized utilization of QSHK network to facilitate the development of subjects/learning areas into professional learning communities.
  2. Implemented measures in response to suggestions provided in the external school review and refined the design and teaching of the school-based curriculum, which enhanced the efficacy of learning and teaching.
  3. Reviewed current policies and relevant administrative arrangements, sought consensus and improved relevant policies and arrangements, which facilitated the enhancement of overall learning atmosphere and motivated students in the diligent pursuit of excellence.  
  4. Mobilized resources allocated to each subject and enhanced collaboration among teachers within each subject team, to provide full support for S6 students to achieve better results in the DSE examination.
  5. Promoted collaborative preparation, delivery and evaluation of classes among teachers of each subject to facilitate professional exchange and enhanced professional breakthroughs among teaching teams.
  6. Continued to enhance the effectiveness of English as the main medium of learning and teaching.
  7. Optimized internal discussion and communication within the Curriculum and Administration Committee to achieve consensus.
  8. Optimized class design and enhanced students’ participation in learning missions within and outside classes, which facilitated students’ development of self-learning habits and enhanced their self-learning abilities. 
  9. Deliberately trained student elite teams and built learning communities to enhance learning atmosphere through interactions among peers.
  10. Combined external and internal resources to optimize the development of gifted students and provide adequate support for students with learning difficulties.
  11. Implemented the building of IT-based teaching platform in stages to facilitate resource sharing and enhance the efficacy of learning and teaching.
  12. Enhanced personal counselling for senior secondary students after the announcement of public examination results.
  13. Enhanced communication and collaboration between parents and the school.
  14. Optimized school promotion throughout the year.
Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
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