School Motto: After establishing yourself, help establish others

The School Motto ‘After establishing yourself, help establish others’ is adopted from Yong Ye, The Analects of Confucius.  The School Motto clearly states as our education principle the importance in building up a student's character, through the balanced development of the five fundamental qualities: virtue, wisdom, physicality, gregariousness, and aesthetics.  The School Motto also states that it is the duty of our students to care about the development of others, the society and the world at large.

School Characteristics

A.    Focus on Learning and Teaching; Develops School-Based Curricula

Teaching is always conducted with learning at heart, and school-based curricula are implemented to cater to the requirements of the changing society.  Liberal Studies has been taught to the junior forms for over ten years, with an emphasis on enquiry learning, whereby the students' developments in multiple dimensions can be adequately nourished.  In addition, the Chinese Department received a Certificate of Merit under the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2004 for its Higher-Order Thinking Skills Programme.  The English Department also implemented Task-Based Learning, which is aimed at creating an environment that encourages students to practise and apply the language skills.

B.    School-based Policy on Medium of Instruction

For over several consecutive years students taken in by the School have been from Band 1. Under the fine-tuned MOI framework stipulated from EDB, EMI has been adopted in subjects of both junior and senior secondary levels with the fulfillment of “student ability” criterion, teachers’ capability in teaching in the English medium and school support measures since 2010.

C.    Enriched Learning Experience for Multi-Disciplinary Growth

All junior-form students participate in the One Sport One Art One Service for Life Programme where the students' potentials in non-academic areas can be more fully exploited.  In addition, the implementation of project learning in all subjects greatly enhances the students' self-learning, collaborative, expressive, analytical skills, critical thinking, and creative powers, among other skill areas.  To broaden the students' horizons, regular field trips and study tours (both local and overseas) are regularly organized.

D.    First Mover in School-Based Management; Self-Review Mechanism Refined

In 1991, the School was among the first batch of schools participating in the School Management Initiative (SMI), whereby the Principal, a parent representative, a teacher representative, an alumnus representative, and several independent professionals were invited to join the School Management Committee.  In 1999 the School proactively invited the Education Bureau to perform a Quality Assurance Full Inspection on the various aspects of the operation of the School and was highly commended.  The School has continually participated in various pilot schemes of the Education Department, and has tapped into external resources, including the invitation of education researchers at universities to examine the implementation of school-based management in the School, providing insightful theoretical guidance for and assessment of the continuous development of the School.

E.      Effective and Outstanding School; Lives out the Motto of ‘After establishing yourself, help establish others’

In 2000, the School was named an Effective School by the Education Department, and was commented as “a continually evolving school amid an open, participative and diverse culture” in a school effectiveness study conducted by the Faculty of Education of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  In 2001, the School became the only recipient of the Outstanding School Award (OSA), conferred by the Quality Education Fund of the Education Department, in the Support for Students and School Ethos domain.  From 2002 to 2004, the School was invited by the District Teachers' Professional Sharing Plan of the Education Bureau to participate in the Professional Development and Collaboration Project, where the School shared its work in such areas as curriculum development, teaching, and student development with professional teachers from all over Hong Kong.  With the full-fledged implementation of moral and civic education, the students have become better disciplined and caring, performing remarkably in peer-group support and community services.  Over the past few years, the School has focused on cultivating student leaders, enabling them to live out the School Motto: After establishing yourself, help establish others.

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