A. Policy Objective

The bilateral and trilingual ability of our next generation is one of the essential elements of the competitive advantages of Hong Kong.  As such, it is a duty of schools to raise the bilateral and trilingual standards of the students in accordance with their study and career needs.  In addition, a secondary school also serves an important role in facilitating a student’s transition from Chinese-based primary education to the English-based tertiary education.

Under the fine-tuning of the medium of instruction effective from 2010/11 academic year, our school has fulfilled all three criteria for using English as the medium of instruction as prescribed by the Education Bureau below:

  1. students possessing the ability to learn through English
  2. teachers possessing the capability to teach through English
  3. schools having adequate support strategies/measures

With the fulfillment of the prescribed criteria, our school is given discretion to decide on the medium of instruction and has devised school-based language policy optimal for students' learning.

B. Whole-School Language Policy

English is adopted as the MOI in all subjects in all junior forms except Chinese Language, Chinese History, Life & Society (S1 and S2) and Putonghua, Culture & Arts, Moral Education and the Curriculum of Personal Development.

In senior forms, English is adopted as the MOI in all subjects except Chinese Language, Citizenship and Social Development, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Visual Arts, Cultural & Arts, Moral Education and the Curriculum of Personal Development.

In the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), all subjects, except Chinese Language, Citizenship and Social Development, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Tourism and Hospitality Studies and Visual Arts are taken in English. It aligns with the school's constant policy that students take the public exams in English.

C. EMI Measures

The school has always attached great importance to enhancing students' English proficiency. Thus, a range of measures have been introduced to create a rich English learning environment.

Curriculum and Teaching

An English summer bridging programme is provided to all P6 –S1 students to equip them with the reading skills useful for learning in English.
A bridging module is designed into each EMI subject curriculum to familiarize students with the common vocabulary and expressions of the subjects concerned. The teaching pace would also be adjusted according to students' learning.
Split-class arrangement or small class teaching would be implemented in S1 English classes.
Speaking lessons with the NET are arranged for each class.
The school has launched a language across the curriculum program (LAC) in which English teachers and content subject teachers collaborate to help students adapt to learning in English.
Extensive reading is highly recommended and students are invited to give book sharing in class.
English Newspaper is subscribed and is read in class with guidance from teachers.
An online English learning programme, TVNews, is subscribed for self-access learning.
Remedial English classes are offered to students who need extra support.
Co-curricular Activities

Weekly English activities, including English Café (Tue), and Music Delights (Fri), are organized by the English Society.
Monthly English activities include Open Forum (Wed) and Cross-curricular English Speaking Day (Thur).
Fun activities such as Lip Sync and Scrabble competition are organized in the English Week.
Debating workshops are organized and participants are encouraged to join debate competitions.
Overseas study tours are organized so as to broaden students’ horizon through using English in an authentic environment.
A summer English day camp, Cosmopolitan Youth, is held to provide students with the chance to use English in a fun way.
Students are encouraged to take a leading role in organizing English activities and school events conducted in English.
Environment Enrichment

English is adopted as the major medium for assemblies and school announcements. 
Major school events, e.g. Opening ceremony, Athletic Meet, are conducted in English.
In the Friday English morning assemblies, students from different classes are invited to deliver presentations on different topics.
English reading session, Reading is Power, is held every Tuesday morning.
School circulars, website and student handbook are issued in both Chinese and English; displays on bulletin boards are mainly in English.
Other Supporting Measures

Audio-visual equipment is installed in the school library and English Room in order to facilitate English learning.
Board games and computer software are available for self-access learning in the English Room.
Students are encouraged to watch online teaching demonstrations, and conduct group discussions and speaking training in the English Room.
A survey is conducted once a year to collect views about English learning and teaching.
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